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What Does Our Course Cover?


We believe that many important life skills are key to a young person's success. Having a basic knowledge of elements such as car and house maintenance, finance, and business acumen is fundamental. We found that many schools do not offer some of the most basic lessons of life, normally resulting in a phone call to mum and dad to find the answers.

Outlined below is a brief overview of just some of the key elements the Imogen Carrington Course focuses on. Carried out over five days for young ladies and gentlemen, you will experience face-to-face, hands-on teaching from professionals in each field over the week. We ensure the needs of all students are always met with a strong degree of punctuality and individuality. 

Our course is to be held at the Royal Agricultural University from 31 July - 4 August 2023.

Our course is priced at £650 incl. accommodation, food and bedding. 

Car Maintenance

- What to do in an accident

- Tyre changing, checking tyre pressure and tread

- Checking oil and water levels

- MOT and servicing; an insight

- Car tax, licensing and insurance

- Breakdown covering

Human and Animal First Aid

 How to assist a pet in situations including choking, overheating, bandaging, minor cuts, CPR.

First aid for human casualties to include minor injuries, shock, external bleeding, seizures, use of CPR and defibrillator.

Basic Finance

- Budgeting

- Studen Loans

- Saving and Investing

- Credit

- Banking

- Taxes

- Money Management

- Scams and Fraud

- Insurance

Guest Speakers and Current Affairs

We have a fantastic range of speakers giving our students insights to different industries, apprenticeships and topics such as crypto-currency to the importance of mental health.

Business Acumen Skills

Essential business and management skills. Start to develop the skills required to succeed in business and management to stand out among competition.

Household Maintenance/ DIY

- Paying water, gas, electricity, broadband bills

- White good usage and maintenance

- Using water/ electricity meters

- Bleeding radiators, changing fuses, defrosting freezers, cleaning plugholes

- Basic home hacks

- Understanding different tools before having a go yourself.

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